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Date Posted:18/02/2021 6:22 PM

Hello nice people,

I'm a newbie to this platform and recently joined as user TFK-1954 , I've got the activation mail, clicked it and tried several times to login afterwards, but I keep getting a message that either the password doesn't match or my account doesn't excists..

So I asked for a new password, got one and tried to login with that and again got the same message, then I asked again for a new password and they've sent me the exact same password as the previous one which didn't worked.. so that emailaddress is worthless now and this attempt to register is a waist of my time, I joined to be a fellow admin at a female friends forum.. 

After this disaster she tried to create an account for me with her own emailaddress but could not validate it because she got the message that the account not excists, which is strange because I was able to login with that account and join her and the helpforum you can see me on there as user Tkanwel, but the day after I couldn't do anything anymore, I tried to change the emailaddres, which my friend then receives a message of in her email, but when she validates de change by clicking on the link, she get's the message that my account not excists, so I'm not able to change the emailaddress to my own! 

And now everytime I try to go to her forum or the helpforum my inlog picture and name show me as if I am her, it directs me to her account.. only on my profilepage it shows my own data and that I'm actually registered as Tkanwel otherwise I wouldn't have one.. 

This is my profile page, see my schreenshot:

This is what happens now when I go to the forums, I am logged in there as Liesbeth, see the screenshot:

Can somebody please fix this or advise what the options are, or otherwise completely remove my accounts from this platform?

Thank you very much for your attention and help.

Babs #1

Re:Reply Topic

Date Posted:19/02/2021 4:47 AM

I am sorry you having so much trouble Liesbeth.

I will report it for you but I may not hear back from the Techs until after the weekend.

However, I cannot see your screenshots.

Please upload them from your computer and not from a hosting site.


Babs #2

Re:Reply Topic

Date Posted:19/02/2021 5:26 AM

After typing the above, I looked at your message in HTML and can see the screenshots
by clicking on the addresses below:


In future, please upload images from your computer by clicking the icon in the Toolbar as indicated below.

Many thanks.


administrator #3

Re:Reply Topic

Date Posted:19/02/2021 6:11 AM

Liesbeth , I have changed the password of TFK-1954, it is same to Tkanwel's password . Please try again
Babs #4

Re:Reply Topic

Date Posted:19/02/2021 6:21 AM

Liesbeth, can you try signing in again with two IDs please.

The passwords are now the same.

The Programmer said your password had a space in it which is why it would not work.

Once you have signed in, please click on JOIN in the Help Forum

and you will become a member straight away.

Babs #5

Re:Reply Topic

Date Posted:19/02/2021 6:24 AM

Oh I see the Administrator beat me to it. That is service for you. LOL.

Please note that once you become a Member of the Help Forum, you will no

longer see this Category as it is for those who are unable to join or sign in.

However, you will see it if you are not signed in.

Having said that, these posts are removed once the issue is solved.

In order to reply to this thread to let us know all is well, you need to be signed OUT.


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