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Date Posted:31/07/2020 8:31 PM

 I accidently unjoined and wish to rejoin.

Babs #1

Re:Reply Topic

Date Posted:31/07/2020 10:47 PM

Which forum are you trying to re-join?

Normally, you would click on the Join link in the menu at the top forum when you are signed in.

Trish_1937 #2

Re:Reply Topic

Date Posted:01/08/2020 2:22 PM

 I am an owner of

I accidently unjoined and now there is no "Join" button available...

Is there a way for me to get back in.

Babs #3

Re:Reply Topic

Date Posted:01/08/2020 11:25 PM

Oh I see. I will report it to the Techs and see what they can do.

You could have posted this in one of the the main Categories of the Help Forum.

This Category is for those who cannot sign into Aimoo at all.

No problem, just explaining. 

Trish_1937 #4

Re:Reply Topic

Date Posted:01/08/2020 11:40 PM

   Thank you so much Babs...

Where do I find the Other catagories, you mentioned, plz.  When I clicked ..this is the only category I found.

Have a lovely weekend.

Babs #5

Re:Reply Topic

Date Posted:02/08/2020 2:06 AM

In the Members List here in the Help Forum, it shows you joined on 02/08/2020

which is today, so that means you managed it.

Can you not see the rest of the Help Forum?

Try clicking this link.

To see other forums you joined or own, click on  iAimoo

The above appears in all forums, not just the Help Forum.

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